Our Competences

_ react flexibly and rapidly – thanks to a small team with finely tuned sensibilities

_ find unusual solutions – thanks to a wealth of experience, in-depth knowledge of the scene, and well-honed creativity solutions are developed that catch the public’s attention by conveying information in a striking way or presenting content in the context of extraordinary events

_ demonstrate a high level of personal commitment to make big things possible in a small, niche market


Our Benefits

_ Concept development for strategic communication measures in the PR and marketing field

_ General communication consulting as an ongoing process

_ Classic PR: organization and supervision of press conferences, preparation of press information and press kits, personal contact with media representatives, initiation of press tours, media co-operations, Internet updates, generation and maintenance of mailing lists, etc.

_ Development and implementation of all required advertising material (including both text and images) such as flyers, Internet, etc.

_ Development and realization of specific communication tools involving events such as discussion forums, roundtable discussions, symposia, exhibitions, workshops, receptions, competitions, awards ceremonies and press dinners in unusual contexts

_ Development of original communication media such as newsletters, books, magazines, etc.

_ Mediation of sponsoring partnerships