„Other people‘s attention is the most irresistible of all drugs. Acquiring it trumps all other forms of income. That is why fame comes together power, why wealth pales beside prominence.“

Georg Franck, Ökonomie der Aufmerksamkeit
(The Economy of Attention)

The agency Kathrin Luz Communication, which is based in Cologne with a branch in Berlin, specialises in communication in the field of art and culture. From press releases to strategic marketing consultancy services through the operative co-ordination of press work and public relations, fundraising and events to cultural-political lobbying: the focus of communicative activities is always on its personal contacts and international networking and those of its employees. Numerous renowned institutions such as museums and trade exhibition centres are just as much part of the agency’s customer portfolio today as are individual art projects great and small and performances promoting touristic attractions in a town or city. The agency has gradually acquired full service expertise in art, culture and architecture, which – in accordance with contemporary inter-disciplinary practices – also encompasses fields such as music, dance, theatre, film and literature.